Email Migration

Email Migration

Quick, secure and efficient process for your emails!

Email Migration is a process in which an email or multiple email accounts are migrated from one server to another server. It is as quick and easy as that.

CMS Web Design can and will win you over! Promised!

So you’re deciding whether you should move or not, which to be honest, shouldn’t be too hard. But let me explain why you should migrate over to CMS Web Design. If your fed up with your emails taking forever to load, or constantly down, or even running out of storage – then we are the team for you! Because let’s be honest – the fear of them not being secure is an everlasting worry. CMS Web Design will and can take that away, forever! Literally!

Don’t spend hours and hours manually migrating email accounts from one server to another, when the IT Champions at CMS Web Design can do it all for you for a low-cost fixed fee. It will bring your folders as well and won’t affect your old email account at all, so it’s a very safe process.

Transfer In

£4.95/per email account

Incoming Transfer

Transfer Out

£4.95/per email account

Outgoing Transfer

Active Web Hosting Package Required For Incoming Transfer*

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CMS Web Design T/As House Of Ardour Ltd, Lonsdale Works, Gibson Street, West Yorkshire, Bradford, BD3 9TF

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Mon – Fri: 09:00 – 17:00
Support: 24 Hours

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